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June 15, 2021, 03:39:08 pm
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Author Topic: [Accepted]Brimstone[Clockwork]  (Read 23 times)
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« on: November 04, 2010, 06:24:55 pm »

IGN: sv_sniper
Name: BrimStone
Race: Clockwork
Traits/physical description:
BrimStone is a massive clockwork, he towers over people with a cold emotionless gaze. Although he is heavily armored and could break a wall by punching it, not even mentioning what he could do to your head by punching it, he is incredibly slow and encumbersom due to his size. He is unable to climb more than one block at a time but is in all respects a walking tank. Aside from this Brimstone is extremely calm and reserved, when angered however nothing can stand in his way, at least not for very long.
BrimStone was created to be A hulking Master Craftsman for a war bent army of a mad king. His sole duty was to craft endless supplies of weapons, ranging from mighty flamberges to even delicately machined gunpowder pistols and rifles. Unfortunately, the kingdom fell apart when the king was struck down in battle by a mighty sorcerer. Each general wanted control of the mighty army but in the end they turned on each other with groups of their loyalists at their sides, eventually destroying one another in the process. Meanwhile in the depths of the great forge, BrimStone continued to produce endless supplies of weapons, unaware or just uncaring of the fate of the kingdom that had constructed him. It was only when the supplies of the kingdoms stores dwindled and then was used up all together, did BrimStone finally cease his eternal burden. With nothing to do, he went off in search of more material to build with, no longer for the kingdom though but for his own personal gain.
BrimStones personal equipment consist of an extremely large war hammer that he uses for smithing and bashing in skulls alike. An intricate heating device mounted in his left arm, used for the heating of metals to make them more malleable when crafting, this device produces a jet of flame that still allows for use of the hand. BrimStone has adapted this device to be a makeshift flamethrower when in combat, although it canít be used while he is wielding his hammer in both hands. Finally brimstone has an advanced optical input for his left eye that allows for the manipulation of more intricate objects such as gears and cogs for gunpowder pistols and rifles, this device allows him to see things at a magnified level.

In-Game Acquired Items:
Clockwork Retractable sword arm(Attached + modified to have electricle current)

-Owner of main city forge-

Money conversion:
1 copper = $1 USD
10,000 tin = 1,000 copper = 100 silver = 10 gold = 1 black = $1,000 USD

Items in stock:
-(steel) Great sword: 2 silver
-(Orichalum) Battleaxe: 5 silver
-(Mithril) Breastplate: Sold
-(steel) Prototype jetpack{Stage 2}: Not For Sale

Will make items on demand (Metal work only + 1 silver custom fee)
{Price will vary based on difficulty of custom objects construction}

Metal Costs:
Bronze: 5 copper
Iron: 1 silver
Steel: 2 silver
Mithril: 2 silver 5 copper
Orichalum: 7 silver
Adonite: 5 silver
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