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November 30, 2021, 07:23:41 am
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 on: November 20, 2010, 08:00:19 pm 
Started by leetmero - Last post by Urch

I appreciate your choice in weaponry/armor, as I too like japanese-looking gear. However, within the rp world, japan does not exist. I'm not saying you can't have the armor/weapons in question, I'd prefer if you kept it as it would add something interesting to your character, but you must remove the bit about you aquiring it from "japan". i would suggest you elaborate a bit more on your bio, as well.

 on: November 20, 2010, 05:48:29 pm 
Started by leetmero - Last post by leetmero
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Traits/physical description: Fairly muscular male with 4 pack strong no too strong, with piercing red eyes, and silver hair  .
Bio:Neil is just an average human who likes adventuring although he was born of noble blood(rich) he enjoys hanging out with his
lower class friends

Gear:A Japaneese nagitana and some warlord armor he got from visiting japan !

 on: November 20, 2010, 03:48:20 pm 
Started by strongerwarrior - Last post by strongerwarrior
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Name:rob hood


Traits/physical description:big built and strong but still agile,6.6 inchs,dark brown eyes.

Bio:I was born to a poor family that was killed when i was born, i was found by a traveling trader who took me in and brought me up but then sold be to a slaver where i spent the next couple years of my life until i escaped and killed the leader of the slavers,after killing the leader i started to hide in mountains where i remain until this date.

Gear:light armor capable of stopping a few bullets,a long curved sword and a large circular shield,only able to use healing powers,able to use rope to climb down cliffs.

 on: November 17, 2010, 06:29:01 pm 
Started by CapBubba - Last post by CapBubba



Traits/physical description: A fairly average sized demon with crimson eyes and red hair. Often has a hood from his robe covering his head. Lean and not very melee oriented.

Bio:Vartin was once a very powerful mage to a powerful empire. One of the most feared and respected of the entire empire. All feared and respected him.However, some feared hm a bit too much. Many of the less powerful demon mages decided that Vartin was too much of a threat to the empire and its people, and planned to kill him. He originally fought them off, but slowly became overwhelmed by sheer numbers. The other mages had imprisoned him, but because of his magic, could not simply kill him. So instead, using magic from almost all the mages in the empire, put a very powerful curse upon Vartin, removing a large portion of his magic outright, and then restricted him to stay within his tower for as long as the curse remained. And he remains in his tower since that day, through the fall of the empire to the rise of many more, as he is imprisoned unless aided by outside help.

Gear:Robe, A staff with a small garnet in the tip off his staff, many books and tomes.

 on: November 17, 2010, 06:25:44 pm 
Started by Urch - Last post by Urch

Each god is associated with a different aura, which devout followers such as clerics, priests, or other worshippers may posess. The order of life and death both posses "External" auras, meaning that they affect everyone and everything around them, while the elemental order possesses "Internal" auras, meaning they affect only the user.

Order of Death
(Noctus/Darkness)The aura of Decay: Plants die beneath your feet, the air around you thickens and chills, people feel saddened and frightened. Strengthens at night, and after worship to noctus. Can be easily manipulated by the one who posesses this order, allowing them to sadden or frighten certain targets, to varying effect. This aura fills only the immediate area around the user, penetrates through walls.

(Tanios/War)The aura of Aggression: Animals become angered, the air around you becomes warm and uncomfortable. Those who posses this aura will be unnaturally strong when angered, and can manipulate people within the aura more easily. This aura fills a fairly large space, does not penetrate through walls.

(Xaoc/Chaos)The aura of Insanity: Objects around you crack and shatter, fire flickers random colors, the air flashes from hot to cool to stagnant to flowing rapidly. People nearby can feel uneasy, filled with a peculiar happiness, compelled to do strange things, but generally harm themselves.

Order of Life

(Sien/Light)The Flourishing aura: A visible glow emanates from you, those around you are filled with warmth and joy, plants bloom around you and spring up from even the most barren of soil. The aura strengthens during the day and immediately after worshipping Sien, and covers only a small area around you, but penetrates through walls. The aura is easily manipulated to heal certain targets or those around you.

(Gomir/Order)The aura of

(Cyius/Peace)The Calming aura: Time seems to move slower for the user and those near them, the air moves only slowly. Those who are normally belligerent and irritable are calmed and relaxed, animals will become passive and kind. The aura covers a vast area, and penetrates through walls.

The Elemental Order

(Huwus/Air)Zephyrian aura: your wind magic becomes stronger, and all your magic gains a higher success rate and/or becomes more accurate.

(Shorus/Water)Aquarian aura: your water magic becomes stronger, and all of your magic requires less mana to cast.

(Thamus/Earth)Terran aura: your earth magic becomes stronger, and all of your magic penetrates defences easier.

(Fuerus/Fire)Pyrian aura: your fire magic becomes stronger, and all of your magic becomes more damaging.

(Zhamus/Lightning)Fulmirian aura: your lightning magic becomes stronger, and all targets of any of your magic will be weakened physically.

(Krichtus/Ice)Glacian aura: your ice magic becomes stronger, and all your magic drains your target's mana.

 on: November 16, 2010, 06:29:33 pm 
Started by Villainshine - Last post by Villainshine
I haven't been on the server for a week or so, and when I was there was zero RPing. I like the server and I like the people, but I'd really like to know if there is any RP going on.

 on: November 16, 2010, 01:44:19 pm 
Started by Ring127 - Last post by Ring127
IGN: Ring127

Name: Durandal

Race: Human

Traits/physical description: 6 ft. 5 in. tall. medium build. Brown short length hair, green eyes, Tanned skin due to time spent on ops. Traits include great proficiancy with most weapons, but very little magic affinity, and has never learned any magic, as well as not being very capable of dealing with magic, and those with extreme magical affinity. Quick reflexes, a master at stealth and covert ops. A lone wolf most of the time, but able to work in a squad if nessesary. Able to learn quickly, and a critical thinker, due to a larger than normal IQ

Bio: He knows little about his life, save for a few details, like his name. The only other source of knowledge for him is a logbook with his name written on it. Its entries lead him to conclude that he came from a far away kingdom of Madrigal, in which he served as part of the elite military guard known as the Soldiers of ORION. Madrigal apparently came under siege by an unknown force and was destroyed in one night. He has no recolletion of the events, and no clue how he survuved. Dundural came to the kingdom of Jamor after a fight in a town across the ocean landed him on the outcast boat being sent far away. He arrives looking for a new future in Generia, and maybe a resolution to his past.

Gear: Special forces ORION armor(Chain mail laced with enchanted cloth to alow for greater mobility with maximum protection), strength of high teir steel armor. Weapons include a longsword (about five feet), a compound cross bow(with a large quiver for ammo), a combat knife, and multiple throwing knives. He also carries a survival pack wich holds climbing supplies, rations, medical supplies, and a flint and steel.

 on: November 16, 2010, 09:03:24 am 
Started by Shone - Last post by Shone
IGN: shonedemonscales
Game Name: Shone
Race: Elf
Traits: About 6'3" tall, He is an average looking elf. A master of the short blade. Never caught with less than 4 daggers on his person which he can fight with or throw, an excellent woodsman. No fear of the outdoors but generally pretty solo. Best person to keep along as an ally when traveling. Can do some small magic such as healing and small buffs. Having lived on the road he has a few sneak thief skills but does not enjoy using them.
Bio: Raised as an average Elf Shone was given every chance to succeed by his rich influential parents but he would have no part of it, he wanted to be in the wilds with the restless Elves who roamed the woods. Learning his dagger arts from practicing with his lizardman friend in the woods he was eventually shunned by his race and drifted to this land. Deciding he liked the look of this place he took a liking to it and settled in.No one is absolutely sure how much money Shone has aside from himself (he has a decent amount hidden away). Enjoying the company of clockwerks over humans and trees to buildings he only talks to humans on a need to basis. Shone enjoys traveling and being in the wild, he will accept a mission as a guide just about every time one is presented. Having never had many friends he is very un-trusting but once someone gets into his life he trusts them with his life, to a point of weakness.
Gear: He wears A common Elvin leather armor and always has at least 4 (normally 6) Orichalcum daggers, One of the 4 is Adonite given to him by his dear lizardman friend and he refuses to lose it to anything. Not a lot of magic, just practical woodsmans knowledge. Being less of a miner and more of a woodsman he carries an Iron axe and plenty of rope and food.

 on: November 15, 2010, 05:38:56 pm 
Started by Niker - Last post by Niker
There are a few rules for structures built on main. These rules are subject to change at any time by any having the rank of operator on the server.

1) No redbrick.
2) No building on or around the spawn point.
3) Any structures not built to a quality deemed reasonable for the server by an operator are subject to the builder being told to change it. If the builder refuses to do so, or does not do so in a reasonable time, the structure is subject to removal.

 on: November 15, 2010, 03:40:16 pm 
Started by Wilkesc - Last post by Wilkesc
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IGN: Wilkesc
Name: Leevark
Race: Human
Traits/physical description, Modest Height, long black hair, green eyes, average strength, quick.
Bio: Around the age of 6, leevark ran away form home, travelling the traverse terrain of Jamor, at the age of 20 now, Leevark has proven himself a survivor, in the harsh cold landscape
Leevark grew up in the forests and mountains of the Jamor, never had much growing up.
Gear:  Full Bronze armor except a Iron Breast plate and Iron Greves, Steel Claymore, long range rifle, None Magic, Climbing Picks, ropes, torchs, axe.

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