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January 21, 2022, 05:24:20 am
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 on: March 18, 2011, 01:40:16 am 
Started by teddymint - Last post by teddymint
IGN: teddymint

Name: Teddy Bear (Male)

Race: Elf

Traits/physical description: I look weak, but tall (and I am). I am 6 ft. 2. I have gray eyes (yes I know it not the normal color) and I look "Shady." I have a Russian accent that tends to bother people. I've never been to jail, only because I am nimble on my feet.

Bio: I was an orphan, but I soon learned to fight for what little money I had. Ever since, I have been very deadly with any kind of dagger/ knife. You can say I am poor, but, with all the shady deals that I make, I'm pretty sure I'm not that poor. I learned most of my money tactics from... Let's say he's my father. He was... Well I don't know, but he taught me all I know about money. He came from Russia to make deals with people.

Gear: I have a just plain white tuxedo with many pockets. I mainly practice in support magics, mostly for healing. The only adventure gear I have is rope. The weapon I carry is my single Iron dagger (Sharp and deadly).

 on: February 09, 2011, 07:44:51 pm 
Started by pjx2010 - Last post by Urch
server is gone because i am tired of hosting it.

 on: February 03, 2011, 12:35:05 am 
Started by pjx2010 - Last post by jnno
Yeah, I'm wondering too... Besides I are back Cheesy
Tried finding it today...Is it the same issue like the one a while ago, where the URL changed because of something?

 on: November 28, 2010, 05:07:13 am 
Started by pjx2010 - Last post by pjx2010
Two days ago I Wanted to go to the server I was dissapointed to see it's not there but Until today I can't find the Server What is going on Huh

 on: November 26, 2010, 11:33:10 pm 
Started by Silver - Last post by Silver
IGN: Silverwolf114
Name: Argentum
Race: Elf
Traits/physical description: Tall and stronger then he looks, Argentum is fast and agile, although not particularly strong. He has short brown hair and blue eyes.
Bio: When he was a child, he was apprenticed to a 'Hunter' or as some people call them, assassins. There, he learned to blend in with his surroundings, track and kill. Hunters are trained to take out a target quickly and efficiently such, he isn't skilled with large melee weapons but is easily one of the best shots ever. It's rumored that there's an 'assassin' working for the government that looks like him, but Hunters have never worked with them in the past.

Gear: Depending on the mission, different types of camouflage, a bow and a hidden blade. (Assassin's Creed FTW!)

On a side note, I realize the Bio's not very much about him, I apologize.

 on: November 26, 2010, 08:26:01 pm 
Started by pjx2010 - Last post by pjx2010
If it is Allowed remove my Character jaxon and If Alternate characters are allowed id like this to be my Alt Char.




Traits:About 6,6 feet tall Has a Slightly Muscular Body,Black Hair with Yellow highlights.Frast is 26 Years Old,
He is a smart adventurer,skilled with the Sword and Shield and he does not take Magic punishments very good

Bio:when Frast was Born He Lived a decent Life with his Family but when he was 7 Demons Attacked his home to retrieve a Certain Magic artifact he ran away and was found by a Group of Adventurers the leader
"Soria" Decided to Teach Frast how to Survive in the Wilderness.At age 10 They got Seperated in a Storm
while they we're at Sea.When Frast woke up he found himself in the snow Realizing that he got seperated
He decided to Venture further into the Snow.After a whole month he Found a Small village The chief adopted
him for 5 years at his fifteenth Birthday he went out of the Village and Found a fairy laying on a Tree Tired
He decided to take the fairy with him to the Village and have it Healed for Days.When the Fairy was Healed
She Helped Frast Find his Friend Soria.But when he was 19 Frast got Seperated from the Fairy.When he Found Standaria he took a Sword and a Buckler (Small Shield) from a dead Adventurer He trained and Trained
Until he was 26

Gear:a Grey T-Shirt,Black Pants,Long Boots,A Buckler Made of Mithril,a Sword made of Steel with a small
Garnet attached at the handle and it gives off a Reddish Glow (Has been Enchanted with Fire),and a Bag where he puts his adventuring gear (Flints,Wood Axe,Pot,Etc)

 on: November 24, 2010, 07:11:54 am 
Started by strongerwarrior - Last post by Apexe
Light armor capable of stopping a few bullets? What is it, kevlar? As in it's odd to only mention your armor's anti-bullet capabilities. Expand on your armor(it's annoying me reading about it) and you're accepted.

 on: November 24, 2010, 07:10:23 am 
Started by leetmero - Last post by Apexe
Denied due to lack of effort and not improving when told.

 on: November 21, 2010, 11:16:22 am 
Started by Niker - Last post by Niker
IGN: Nikerulez222

Name: Markal de Muffalon

Race: Human
Traits/physical description: About 6' 2", muscular yet still lean. Has gray eyes and close shaved brown hair.
Bio:Markal was born into a wealthy merchant family and grew up as such. He was trained in combat from a young age and was well educated, learning the native languages of almost all the races of Jamor. During his Rite of Passage party, his family was attacked and killed by competitors, leaving him and his brother the only heirs to the de Muffalon empire. He and his brother lead the business for five years until Markal, growing tired of the stress of the business, decided to give full control to his brother and join the Inquisitors and serve the Emperor. He rose through the ranks of the Inquisitors, becoming a Major in 3 short years. He was then propositioned by the Emperor to become one of his feared Allegri, personal enforcers of the Emperors will. He accepted and now travels across the land carrying out special missions and assignments for the king.

Gear: Wears a fine white shirt and pants under his black inquisitor great coat. Has an ornate sheath on his left hip which holds his enchanted Allegri sword (enchantment makes the blade never dull and makes the sword un-wieldable by anyone besides Markal.) May carry along survival equipment (hatchet, flint, rope etc..) when it is required for a mission.

 on: November 20, 2010, 08:13:52 pm 
Started by Urch - Last post by Urch
IGN : Urch

Name : Geth Mord

Physical Description : Geth stands slightly taller than the average person, but is considerably lean for his strength. Geth has somewhat pale skin, faintly glowing red eyes, and light gray hair.

Bio : Geth was born in a small village which now neighbors nethermarch. He was born as the son of the guard captain, and was taught how to use a unique type of blade from a young age. Geth's father recently died by his own hands. Geth was recruited as a young child by the worshipers at nethermarch.

Geth is a worshiper of Noctus, who resides in fort nethermarch. Geth is one of few members who still ventures around the world, collecting sacrifices for his dark god. Geth takes pleasure in serving his god, but in recent years has found himself beginning to tire of the constant visits to nethermarch.

Gear: a "scorpion blade"; a scimitar with a dagger attached to the bottom of it, a blood-red robe with black and white metal plating at various points to help protect him. Geth possesses a large variety of odd trinkets he has obtained in his travels, as well.

Geth has an aura of decay, and has a variety of clerical powers. Notably, Geth can cause a targeted person to feel mild pain, severe cold, and with direct eye contact, cause their mind to go blank. Geth posesses one ability which can be used in direct combat, this is the ability to enchant his weapon so that it will teleport the victim to a chosen location (normally nethermarch). If the hit is blocked, then their weapon and/or shield will be teleported.

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