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January 21, 2022, 07:08:22 am
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1  Server Discussion / Server General / Re: What happened? on: February 09, 2011, 07:44:51 pm
server is gone because i am tired of hosting it.
2  Server Discussion / Accepted Applications / [Auto-A]Geth[Human] on: November 20, 2010, 08:13:52 pm
IGN : Urch

Name : Geth Mord

Physical Description : Geth stands slightly taller than the average person, but is considerably lean for his strength. Geth has somewhat pale skin, faintly glowing red eyes, and light gray hair.

Bio : Geth was born in a small village which now neighbors nethermarch. He was born as the son of the guard captain, and was taught how to use a unique type of blade from a young age. Geth's father recently died by his own hands. Geth was recruited as a young child by the worshipers at nethermarch.

Geth is a worshiper of Noctus, who resides in fort nethermarch. Geth is one of few members who still ventures around the world, collecting sacrifices for his dark god. Geth takes pleasure in serving his god, but in recent years has found himself beginning to tire of the constant visits to nethermarch.

Gear: a "scorpion blade"; a scimitar with a dagger attached to the bottom of it, a blood-red robe with black and white metal plating at various points to help protect him. Geth possesses a large variety of odd trinkets he has obtained in his travels, as well.

Geth has an aura of decay, and has a variety of clerical powers. Notably, Geth can cause a targeted person to feel mild pain, severe cold, and with direct eye contact, cause their mind to go blank. Geth posesses one ability which can be used in direct combat, this is the ability to enchant his weapon so that it will teleport the victim to a chosen location (normally nethermarch). If the hit is blocked, then their weapon and/or shield will be teleported.
3  Server Discussion / Denied Applications / Re: Leetmero Rp app on: November 20, 2010, 08:00:19 pm

I appreciate your choice in weaponry/armor, as I too like japanese-looking gear. However, within the rp world, japan does not exist. I'm not saying you can't have the armor/weapons in question, I'd prefer if you kept it as it would add something interesting to your character, but you must remove the bit about you aquiring it from "japan". i would suggest you elaborate a bit more on your bio, as well.
4  Server Discussion / Server General / Re: Official list of basic information[WIP] on: November 17, 2010, 06:25:44 pm

Each god is associated with a different aura, which devout followers such as clerics, priests, or other worshippers may posess. The order of life and death both posses "External" auras, meaning that they affect everyone and everything around them, while the elemental order possesses "Internal" auras, meaning they affect only the user.

Order of Death
(Noctus/Darkness)The aura of Decay: Plants die beneath your feet, the air around you thickens and chills, people feel saddened and frightened. Strengthens at night, and after worship to noctus. Can be easily manipulated by the one who posesses this order, allowing them to sadden or frighten certain targets, to varying effect. This aura fills only the immediate area around the user, penetrates through walls.

(Tanios/War)The aura of Aggression: Animals become angered, the air around you becomes warm and uncomfortable. Those who posses this aura will be unnaturally strong when angered, and can manipulate people within the aura more easily. This aura fills a fairly large space, does not penetrate through walls.

(Xaoc/Chaos)The aura of Insanity: Objects around you crack and shatter, fire flickers random colors, the air flashes from hot to cool to stagnant to flowing rapidly. People nearby can feel uneasy, filled with a peculiar happiness, compelled to do strange things, but generally harm themselves.

Order of Life

(Sien/Light)The Flourishing aura: A visible glow emanates from you, those around you are filled with warmth and joy, plants bloom around you and spring up from even the most barren of soil. The aura strengthens during the day and immediately after worshipping Sien, and covers only a small area around you, but penetrates through walls. The aura is easily manipulated to heal certain targets or those around you.

(Gomir/Order)The aura of

(Cyius/Peace)The Calming aura: Time seems to move slower for the user and those near them, the air moves only slowly. Those who are normally belligerent and irritable are calmed and relaxed, animals will become passive and kind. The aura covers a vast area, and penetrates through walls.

The Elemental Order

(Huwus/Air)Zephyrian aura: your wind magic becomes stronger, and all your magic gains a higher success rate and/or becomes more accurate.

(Shorus/Water)Aquarian aura: your water magic becomes stronger, and all of your magic requires less mana to cast.

(Thamus/Earth)Terran aura: your earth magic becomes stronger, and all of your magic penetrates defences easier.

(Fuerus/Fire)Pyrian aura: your fire magic becomes stronger, and all of your magic becomes more damaging.

(Zhamus/Lightning)Fulmirian aura: your lightning magic becomes stronger, and all targets of any of your magic will be weakened physically.

(Krichtus/Ice)Glacian aura: your ice magic becomes stronger, and all your magic drains your target's mana.
5  Server Discussion / Faction Applications / Faction Applications on: November 13, 2010, 11:39:27 am
To start a faction you must do a few things. First, you must write up the faction itself, and provide some basic information about the faction. For example, you will need the name, purpose, and approximate size of the faction that isn't playable. Then, you will need to write a character application for each playable member of the faction, these will generally be leaders or elite members of the faction. You can find the character application form in the character application board.

Once you have written up the character forms for your faction, as well as some information about the faction itself, you need to wait for other people to apply to take one of the positions. When all of your playable characters have been claimed, the faction will be moved to the accepted section.
6  Server Discussion / Server General / Re: Complaint about... on: November 11, 2010, 07:35:57 pm
contest was cancelled due to lack of participation, time, and ability to give rewards.
7  Server Discussion / Server General / Re: Official list of basic information[WIP] on: November 10, 2010, 08:38:43 pm

The gods of this world are numerous but still powerful. The gods are divided into three groups, each representing one alignment as a whole, that is to say, life, nature, and death. These groups are called "orders", and united they are extremely powerful. The elemental order contains six gods: the god of air, water, earth, fire, lightning, and ice. The order of life contains three gods: the god of peace, order, and light. The order of death contains three gods as well: the god of war, chaos, and darkness.

The Order of Life

God of Light - Sien: Appearing as a small child with glowing blue eyes and pale skin, Sien does not reside in any one location, but travels around the world at the point of mid-summer. Sien is most closely allied with the god of air.

God of Order - Gomir: Appearing as a massive, living statue, Gomir resides inside the largest castle in the entire world, far away from jamor. Gomir is most closely allied with the god of earth.

God of Peace - Cyius: Appearing as a beautiful woman with a staff, Cyius resides in the forests of the western continent. Cyius is most closely allied with the god of water.

The Order of Death

God of War - Tanios: Resembling a lizardman, Tanios wears adonite full plate. Tanios does not reside in any specific location, and is most closely allied with the god of fire.
God of Chaos - Xaoc: Its true form is incomprehensible, and does not reside in any specific location. Xaoc is most closely allied with the god of lightning.

God of Darkness - Noctus: appears as a shadowy, demon-like figure inside a cloud of black smoke, Noctus resides in the swamps of the western continent. Noctus is most closely allied with the god of ice.

The Elemental Order

God of Air - Huwus: Appearing as an elderly human figure with the wings of an eagle, Huwus resides in a different, mountainous land with his brother, the god of earth. Huwus is most closely allied with the god of light.

God of Water - Shorus: Appearing as a great water serpent, Shorus resides in the ocean, far to the south of Jamor. Shorus is most closely allied with the god of order.

God of Earth - Thamus: Appearing as a collosal tortoise, Thamus resides in a different, mountainous land with his brother, the god of air. Thamus is most closely allied with the god of peace.

God of Fire - Fuerus: Appearing as an enormous red tiger, Fuerus resides in an ancient lava field far to the west of Jamor. Fuerus is most closely allied with the god of war.

God of Lightning - Zhamus: Appearing as two great wheels spinning around an orb of electricity, Zhamol resides in an endless storm just to the north of Jamor. Zhamol is most closely allied with the god of chaos.

God of Ice - Krichtus: Appearing as an enormous, white vulture, Krichtus resides somewhere in Jamor. Krichtus is most closely allied with the god of death.
8  Server Discussion / Server General / Re: Clerics on: November 09, 2010, 06:05:54 pm
While Apexe may approve of this concept, I wholeheartedly agree. Unfortunately, I haven't really gone into working out the specifics of mythology; there is no official "god" per-say, and so in the current state any claims to the existence of gods or a god within this realm are purely speculation. I'm thinking, however, a sort of group of hyper-powerful being that represents elements or forces.
9  Server Discussion / Accepted Applications / Re: Octochow character application. on: November 06, 2010, 02:39:44 pm
There are a few problems with your app. Firstly, the entire bio is filled with ridiculously long run-on sentences. Second, lizardmen only live around 50 years at the oldest. and third, i don't quite know why you have a [demon] tag in your name. apart from this however, the application is actually fairly sound and interesting.
10  Server Discussion / Server General / Re: Official list of basic information[WIP] on: November 06, 2010, 01:19:33 pm
map image last updated on november 5th, 2010.

*click for 2x zoom
This is the kingdom of Jamor, where all roleplay will take place. The main city of Jamor is Generia, which has a sister city of Standaria. There is a barbarian village to the north-east called Apzen. To the south is the camp of the Zhasim, a dangerous and ominous group of assassins who train themselves in the arcane. There is a strange site in the south-west corner of the map, though little is currently known about it. Zhasim camp is inaccessible in RP to those who are not accepted as a member during RP. Apzen is liable to close and open to outsiders depending on where the story goes.

The entire kingdom is cold year round, and is currently in early spring.

Generia is essentially a trade hub, most shops exist here. Doesn't have the best gear but has a wide variety. Generia has the best blacksmith.

Standaria was abandoned after an attack. It is populated by zombies and snow.

Apzen is a rather small village. It is recovering from a terrible incident. Apzen has the best tavern.

Zhasim camp is a dangerous place. It has the best ranged weapons shop as well as the best shop for spellbooks/scrolls.
11  Server Discussion / Server General / Re: Official list of basic information[WIP] on: November 06, 2010, 01:18:45 pm


The money system is quite simple. Using a base unit of "copper"(copper coins) which is worth approximately one USD, the system then multiplies or divides by ten for each material change.

12  Server Discussion / Server General / Re: Official list of basic information[WIP] on: November 06, 2010, 01:17:52 pm

Explanation of Terms
Name-The name of the material in question

Rarity-Categories actually have their own base rarity (e.g. gemstones are obviously more rare than metals)

Color-The most common color for an object created out of the material


Strength-Strength covers a general variety of "strength" factors, including hardness, durability, etc, and should simply be used as an index for what happens when X meets Y.

Weight-This is more "density", in actuality, but it will work just fine for the intent. Weight should be used to help you decide how thick armor or how large weapons of X material is reasonable.


Amplification-The ability of the particular gemstone to boost magical power when used as a focus item

Affinity-What type of magic the particular gemstone is most suited to boosting
_Support-Negative-Debuff magic such as poison or weaken
_Support-Positive-Buff or healing magic such as mana shield or recover
_Combat-Damage dealing magic like fireballs or magic missiles

  • Bronze/Low/Low-Medium/Very Common/Brown
  • Iron/Low-Medium/Medium/Common/Dark-Gray
  • Steel/Low-Medium/Medium-High/Common/Gray
  • Mithril/Low/Medium-High/Somewhat Rare/Light Gray-Blue
  • Orichalcum/Low-Medium/High/Very Rare/Blood Red
  • Adonite/Very High/Very High/Rare/Jet Black
  • Jet/Low/Support-Negative/Medium/Jet Black
  • Amethyst/Low/Support-Positive/Medium-High/Light Purple
  • Sapphire/Low/Combat/Medium-High/Deep Blue
  • Ruby/Medium/Support-Negative/High/Deep Red
  • Emerald/Medium/Support-Positive/Medium-High/Bright Green
  • Amber/Medium/Combat/Medium/Yellow-Orange
  • Citrine/High/Support-Negative/Medium-High/Orange
  • Diamond/High/Support-Positive/Very High/White
  • Garnet/High/Combat/High/Blood Red
13  Server Discussion / Server General / Re: Official list of basic information[WIP] on: November 06, 2010, 01:16:49 pm

Human-Of modest height, typically tan-skinned, and somewhat stocky. Have brown, black, or red hair. Blue or brown eyes. Typically better with combat magic than support magic, and have a much better skillset for aiming guns than bows or crossbows. Humans do best with longer melee weapons like spears or claymores, have somewhat signifigant strength but mediocre speed. Don't take magical punishment particularly well. Average lifespan 70 years.

Elf-Tall, pale, and wiry. Elves have gray or bluish hair and somewhat yellowish skin. Green or pinkish eyes. Typically better with support magic than combat magic, and while perfectly capable of using guns, they generally choose not to. Elves do best with shorter melee weapons like daggers or clubs, have mediocre strength but somewhat signifigant speed. Don't take physical punishment particularly well. Average lifespan 120 years.

Fairy/Demon-While technically the same race, the only distinction being gender, fairies and demons are highly unique both as groups and individuals. They are beings of pure magic, and their physical form is a projection of their soul;changing constantly with each action. Demons tend to be beast-like with hooves while fairies tend to be insect-like with wings. Demons are typically extraordinary combat mages. Fairies are typically extraordinary support mages. Neither are generally very strong or fast. Take physical punishment as well as a stick of butter being beaten with a barbwire cane... that's on fire. Fairies typically have blonde hair, while demons typically have black or gray hair. Demons and/or fairies are ageless; only die from being killed.

Lizardman-Typically not very good at any form of magic, lizardmen are highly adept in the use of thrown weapons (axes, daggers). Very fast and strong, can take physical punishment very well. Pitiful ability to take magical punishment. Does best with one-handed weapons that can be used with a shield. Vary wildly in nearly every visual factor. Average lifespan 45 years.

Clockwork-Hulking mechanical beings. Some are the victim of cruel experiments, while others are simply the result of man longing for more time in this world. Mechanical bodies animated by an internally held soul jar, clockwork are extremely strong but slow as a result of their weight. Clockworks have virtually no capacity for magic, or even using magical artifacts. Takes physical punishment like a brick wall... being hit by a piece of damp string. No average lifespan.
14  Server Discussion / Server General / Official list of basic information[WIP] on: November 05, 2010, 10:17:12 pm
TOC should go here or something
15  Server Discussion / Server General / Re: Server Auto Reboot on: November 05, 2010, 03:47:49 pm
Thanks for that. the server was supposed to be up, but upon returning home i saw a great big "mclawl encountered an error" message.
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