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Title: TeddyMint (Elf)
Post by: teddymint on March 18, 2011, 01:40:16 am
IGN: teddymint

Name: Teddy Bear (Male)

Race: Elf

Traits/physical description: I look weak, but tall (and I am). I am 6 ft. 2. I have gray eyes (yes I know it not the normal color) and I look "Shady." I have a Russian accent that tends to bother people. I've never been to jail, only because I am nimble on my feet.

Bio: I was an orphan, but I soon learned to fight for what little money I had. Ever since, I have been very deadly with any kind of dagger/ knife. You can say I am poor, but, with all the shady deals that I make, I'm pretty sure I'm not that poor. I learned most of my money tactics from... Let's say he's my father. He was... Well I don't know, but he taught me all I know about money. He came from Russia to make deals with people.

Gear: I have a just plain white tuxedo with many pockets. I mainly practice in support magics, mostly for healing. The only adventure gear I have is rope. The weapon I carry is my single Iron dagger (Sharp and deadly).