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Title: Server Rules
Post by: Apexe on November 04, 2010, 10:56:23 am
-Freebuild Areas-
1. Respect other people's builds
2. No "Improving" other people's structures
3. Do not flood areas with water or channel water.
4. Do not tunnel/delete randomly.
-RP Area(rp)-
1. You must always designate OOC chat with a "-".
2. Only use hacks to RP actions such as climbing.
3. Don't alter ANYTHING without permission from an administrator(Red name).
4. Do not interfere with RPs unless you have a GOOD RP reason to do so.
1. Do not spam/flood chat.
2. Do not disrespect other players.
3. Don't be a dick.
X. The administrators/operators have final say in if an action is punishable.