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Title: [Denied]Raphael Dorphor[Human]
Post by: Raph12 on November 04, 2010, 08:32:42 pm

Name:Raphael Dorphor

Race: human

Traits:Black eyes, armor and a cape, Powerfull, can kill with usings his eyes.

Bio:Born in the Neather, darkness and chaos(mum and pa) Taught him pain and to use it against enemies.

Gear:(Dimond armor,one Dimond sword, Black fire projectiles,dark, pick, and axe.

Title: Re: Raph12[human]Raphael Dorphor.
Post by: Apexe on November 05, 2010, 05:19:24 am
This Role Play has nothing to do with the Minecraft universe so "The Nether" wouldn't exist, if anything it would be Hell, but it would be near impossible for anyone to get to/from there.

Traits are vague and you come off as extremely overpowered.

Bio could use More attention.

Not only would it be an extremely rare find to find diamonds big enough to make a sword or armor, but the armor and sword would be horrible against blunt objects and contact with durable armors. It would shatter instead of deforming. This isn't the universe of Minecraft so again put something better.

Giving you 24 hours to edit your post.

EDIT: This was not changed, denied for above reasons.