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Title: [Accepted]Norfal[Human]
Post by: Niker on November 04, 2010, 05:33:05 pm
IGN: Nikerulez222

Name: Norfal

Race: Human

Traits/physical description: Tall at about 6 foot 3, muscular but still lean.

Bio: Born and raised in a Human nation in the west name Calmeda, Norfal was orphaned at the age of three by the execution of his parents, whom were hung for the treasonous act of acquainting with outsiders. Norfal lived on the street for two years fighting for survival and learning cruelty is the only way to survive. At 5 he was taken in by a kindly gunsmith who was appalled by the brutality of the child and determined to civilize him. The teachings of the gunsmith helped somewhat, the boy stopped being violent for the sake of it, but never fully cured him. Norfal now exists in a state devoid of emotion and empathy but no longer thirsting for blood. The gunsmith also taught the boy his trade, which Norfal had a taste for and was rather good at. at 21 the boy was taken into the Calmedian army, as was the law, for his year of service. He excelled at the physical training and was a brilliant strategist. He also was an unnaturally good shot. By the end of his service he had been promoted to lieutenant and controlled his own platoon. He left the army with a desire to see the rest of the world and meet the beings his people considered savages. Thus he set out to discover the world.

Gear: Orichalum armor plates attached to a jet black cloth body suit. Plates are small to cut down on weight and retain flexibility. About 100 plates on entire suit with about 1 1/2 inches between plates. Changes to mithiril plates around joints to lessen strain from weight.

One scoped long rifle

Two short, steel, katana like blades stained black for nighttime assassinations.

One large bag for miscellaneous goods.