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April 17, 2021, 04:26:31 am
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 on: November 13, 2010, 06:46:40 pm 
Started by Hoxieboy - Last post by Hoxieboy
IGN: Hoxieboy

Name: Huxley

Race: Human

Traits/physical description: A thin and refined man of moderate power, has emerald eyes, has pale skin due to him being a tad nordic.
uses stealth more often then not, he would classify himself as a theif, if you could classify him...

Bio: He stowed away on a trade ship when he was five, and later came in the main rp town. There, he was raised on the streets by a lizard man named Ra' amundi Sharpfangs. he was taught many of his skills as a filch (theif) due to the cruel condissions of living on the streets. He has no memory of where he was from, but has hazy memories of his father yelling at him to get on a trade ship that was currently leaving his village. His friends are the poor, and is relative the lizardmen. The slave call him the "Liberator" due to him stealing a document from a slave owner and burning it, and the beggars call him "Smoke" from his stealthy stealing.
Gear: carries nothing but thick wool armor, several throwing knives (steel) he filched from a local blacksmith, a black wool cloak, and a large traveling haversack, where he keeps his loot (contains bandages and basic medical equipment).

 on: November 13, 2010, 11:39:27 am 
Started by Urch - Last post by Urch
To start a faction you must do a few things. First, you must write up the faction itself, and provide some basic information about the faction. For example, you will need the name, purpose, and approximate size of the faction that isn't playable. Then, you will need to write a character application for each playable member of the faction, these will generally be leaders or elite members of the faction. You can find the character application form in the character application board.

Once you have written up the character forms for your faction, as well as some information about the faction itself, you need to wait for other people to apply to take one of the positions. When all of your playable characters have been claimed, the faction will be moved to the accepted section.

 on: November 11, 2010, 07:35:57 pm 
Started by jnno - Last post by Urch
contest was cancelled due to lack of participation, time, and ability to give rewards.

 on: November 11, 2010, 10:22:49 am 
Started by jnno - Last post by Apexe
Absent pretty much means "unable to attend" so it does make sense.

You'll have to speak to Urch about the contest though.

 on: November 11, 2010, 07:48:22 am 
Started by jnno - Last post by jnno
My computer, actually, I thought it would fit nicely here.
I will be kind of absent from the server for a while(I hope that's a confirmed english word of BS, absent, absence..it makes sens right?), since my computer kind of uh...died.
and this one does NOT seem to accept Java for some reason(it said it got permanently blocked now...I kinda laughed XD)
That's basically it, I hope I can hop back onto the server next week, or this weekend.
PS: is the contest decided yet? Cheesy

 on: November 11, 2010, 12:13:27 am 
Started by slatie - Last post by slatie
The Ariati:

The Ariati is an organization of like-minded people who don’t fit in anywhere else in the world; they have been sought upon by simple folk who wish for a better life or some way of health or security. The Ariati has often been described as, what would now be called, the Mafia. The Ariati deals in black market trades, in and outward goods, deportation and migration, assassination and bounty hunting and so on. But with their jobs come resistance and opposition, including guards and disgruntled clients.
The Ariati’s main enemies are those of the Zhasim camp, which links back to the assassination of Ezra’s father (as stated below)

IGN: slatie

Name: Ezra Mortima

Race: Demon 

Position within the Ariati: Leader

Traits/physical description: Ezra is 1.8 metres tall and incredibly pale. He is the leader of the Ariati, a secret organization. He directs the group of five, but all in all a pretty laid back guy. Ezra is not religious, but believes in a high sense of fate, directing his line of 'work' into the same category. As a demon his alternate side is that of a fox, his quick thinking and sharp reactions are dangerous to deal against in battle.

Bio: Ezra was brought up as a regular child, he went to a regular school and learnt regular things. One day his father was killed, an influential man, assasinated over a loan of 10 jets.
Ezra vowed revenge against the assailant, and from then on steadily grew angrier and angrier through spite. Eventually Ezra cuaght up with the assasin, he killed him painfully and slowly.
From that point on Ezra founded and organization for people like him, lost or purposeless. It was known as the Ariati

Gear: Magipistol, Dark Crafted Sceptre

IGN: sv_sniper

Name: No current name

Race: demon

Position within the Ariati: Second in Command

Traits/physical description: [name] is a massive man, at 2.2 metres height, [name] dwarfs most people. [name] has dark coloured skin as he spends most of his time outside in the sun. To be kept of the radar, [name] dresses in regular civilian clothing.
[name] has the animal form of a bear, he has excessive facial hair which he has given up on shaving regularly, and large powerful hands.

Bio: [name] was a lost soul as a child, most children taunted him for is excessive strength, as he couldn’t even hold a glass without it shattering and spilling its contents over him. [name] excelled in all his studies, most geographical and historical studies. He then went on to train as a hired muscle man. His work took him nowhere until Ezra, who quickly took him under his wing as his main bodyguard, found him
[name] no does several jobs for the Ariati, including cleaning up ‘loose ends’ and dealing with difficult assassinations.

Gear: Magipistol, Broadsword (which he does not use often)

IGN: (No Current Player)

Name: Therion Zafiin (Male)

Race: Elf

Position within the Ariati: Reconnaissance and Retrieval

Traits/physical description: Therion is 1.9 metres tall and quite pale. He is lean and agile, as he specializes in Acrobatics. Along with his twin sister, Astaron, Therion does smaller dirty jobs for the Ariati (including debts and payments). When alone Therion is useless and uncoordinated in battle, but when with Astaron, they make a formidable and very deadly team, as they will whittle down an enemy then finish them off.

Bio: As a young elf along with his sister, Therion was very mischievous. After several practical jokes went wrong the duo were kicked out of the elf clan they were brought up in. They wandered the country until they finally arrived at Jamor. They stuck around and became petty thieves, robbing businessmen and drunks. Eventually they became more daring and the thefts escalated into random murders. The duo were put into custody eventually just to be broken out by the Ariati, they became valuable members of the organization.

Gear: Balanced throwing knives, bone dagger.

IGN: (No Current Player)

Name: Astaron Zafiin (Female)

Race: Elf

Position within the Ariati: Reconnaissance and Retrieval

Traits/physical description: Astaron is lean but bulky, not quite as tall as Therion at 1.8 metres height. Astaron has an all over tan as she spends most of her time lazing in the sun. Astaron is the older of the twins and the stronger one. When fighting she will launch Therion at opponents and then go in for the final strike. When alone Astaron is easily overpowered and is gets worn out easily, but when with Therion she is a dangerous and hard-to-avoid opponent.

Bio: Astaron would always tag along behind her younger sibling, after Therion planned out their practical jokes Astaron would be the one to follow through. At an early age the two fought at lot with eachother, but after one incident they learnt they could be an almost unbeatable team when helping eachother, from that moment on they hardly ever argued and were always willing to jump into a battle. Astaron can be headstrong and reckless at times, and this has often put her at the disadvantage.

Gear: Poison-tip bone dagger, longbow.

IGN: (No Current Player)

Name: Gaoul (pronounced Gowl)

Race: Human

Position within the Ariati: Assasin

Traits/physical description: Gaoul is short and stout at 1.6 metres height. Gaoul is very pale and often wears a black over cloak, the only item from his past. Gaoul is not very strong but in battle he makes sure he always has the tactical advantage. Gaoul’s favourite game is chess and often uses the quote ‘I never lose’, he never has. Gaoul is a mage, and an explosive expert. He has developed a very powerful attack that causes very powerful explosions to form in mid air; the attack however takes a while to charge and leaves him drained of mana after using it. While developing this attack he has discarded the use of defensive magic.

Bio: Gaoul is an entity shrouded in mystery. The Ariati found him roaming the streets alone, in their mission to retrieve him he put up a heavy fight, and it took several tries to get him to join their organization.
Gaoul cannot remember much about his childhood; he woke up screaming one day in the middle of the woods, and since then has become a very solitary character.

Gear: Several mana potions, Small handmade explosives, Reinforced steel dagger (wont shatter)

RE: The Ariati:

Those with any opinions or who would like to take the positions of the Characters: ‘Therion’, ‘Astaron’ or ‘Gaoul’ please contact me via Private Message or meet me on the - !Urch! Freebuild+rp – server (The second option would probably be much wiser)
Contributions to the name of the second character would also be greatly appreciated.   Grin


 on: November 10, 2010, 08:38:43 pm 
Started by Urch - Last post by Urch

The gods of this world are numerous but still powerful. The gods are divided into three groups, each representing one alignment as a whole, that is to say, life, nature, and death. These groups are called "orders", and united they are extremely powerful. The elemental order contains six gods: the god of air, water, earth, fire, lightning, and ice. The order of life contains three gods: the god of peace, order, and light. The order of death contains three gods as well: the god of war, chaos, and darkness.

The Order of Life

God of Light - Sien: Appearing as a small child with glowing blue eyes and pale skin, Sien does not reside in any one location, but travels around the world at the point of mid-summer. Sien is most closely allied with the god of air.

God of Order - Gomir: Appearing as a massive, living statue, Gomir resides inside the largest castle in the entire world, far away from jamor. Gomir is most closely allied with the god of earth.

God of Peace - Cyius: Appearing as a beautiful woman with a staff, Cyius resides in the forests of the western continent. Cyius is most closely allied with the god of water.

The Order of Death

God of War - Tanios: Resembling a lizardman, Tanios wears adonite full plate. Tanios does not reside in any specific location, and is most closely allied with the god of fire.
God of Chaos - Xaoc: Its true form is incomprehensible, and does not reside in any specific location. Xaoc is most closely allied with the god of lightning.

God of Darkness - Noctus: appears as a shadowy, demon-like figure inside a cloud of black smoke, Noctus resides in the swamps of the western continent. Noctus is most closely allied with the god of ice.

The Elemental Order

God of Air - Huwus: Appearing as an elderly human figure with the wings of an eagle, Huwus resides in a different, mountainous land with his brother, the god of earth. Huwus is most closely allied with the god of light.

God of Water - Shorus: Appearing as a great water serpent, Shorus resides in the ocean, far to the south of Jamor. Shorus is most closely allied with the god of order.

God of Earth - Thamus: Appearing as a collosal tortoise, Thamus resides in a different, mountainous land with his brother, the god of air. Thamus is most closely allied with the god of peace.

God of Fire - Fuerus: Appearing as an enormous red tiger, Fuerus resides in an ancient lava field far to the west of Jamor. Fuerus is most closely allied with the god of war.

God of Lightning - Zhamus: Appearing as two great wheels spinning around an orb of electricity, Zhamol resides in an endless storm just to the north of Jamor. Zhamol is most closely allied with the god of chaos.

God of Ice - Krichtus: Appearing as an enormous, white vulture, Krichtus resides somewhere in Jamor. Krichtus is most closely allied with the god of death.

 on: November 10, 2010, 06:59:55 pm 
Started by Du Bud Nicho - Last post by Apexe
Your name isn't a name for a character. "Name" is meant for your character's name and "DuBudNicho" isn't a proper name.

 on: November 10, 2010, 04:39:30 pm 
Started by Du Bud Nicho - Last post by Du Bud Nicho
IGN: DuBudNicho

Name: Anton

Race: Human

Traits/physical description: Dark brown hair, hazel eyes,dark olive skin tone, 5'4ft, medium strength,

Bio: I am from a family of traders whose wealth was just enough to live off of. Durring one of my family’s traveling we were attacked by a band of barbarians on the outskirts of one of the kingdoms near Jamor, after the attack we picked up anything that wasn’t completely ruined and came to Jamor. So I am trying to help my family who are right now selling their merchandise around this large area while I try to do something my family hasn’t been doing for generations, which I am still trying to find out what it is. I learned to fight from my father who taught me the use of the bow and arrow, and the ways of the dagger.
Gear: I wear a leather coif on my head, rough top and legging, a pair of gloves made of leather, and a pair of snakeskin boots. I have with me; an iron sword and an iron dagger. As of magic, it is used for combat. I explore with a grappling hook and a climbing pick.

 on: November 09, 2010, 06:05:54 pm 
Started by sv_sniper - Last post by Urch
While Apexe may approve of this concept, I wholeheartedly agree. Unfortunately, I haven't really gone into working out the specifics of mythology; there is no official "god" per-say, and so in the current state any claims to the existence of gods or a god within this realm are purely speculation. I'm thinking, however, a sort of group of hyper-powerful being that represents elements or forces.

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